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About Me


Digital Musician: written hundreds of songs that have been featured on many
productions e.g. Kill Bill, Aeon Flux, Groove, City of Boarders, Discovery Chanel,
Military Chanel, Zorba the movie, Adobe, NASA, A Band Apart, Nvidia, Harley
Davidson, Trek bikes, and tons more. Also written for Skywalker studios. and Michael Hoff
Productions. References available open request.


Born in California in 1969. In my childhood I traveled the world with my family.
I was educated in a school in Oregon. In my teens I was in an apprentice
program, I worked hard, 7 days a week in a audio department producing
promo media. Additionally I worked as a stage hand for music events at
festivals. I set up video shots for discourses, lectures and meditations.
When I went back to California I studied music theory and DAW’s at college of
Marin. For several years I worked in Still Water Sound recording studio, a
chapel in the San Francisco Presidio as a sound engineer. I was involved in the
first Macintosh Centric ISP, Infoasis, as an onsite tech/internet installer and
have been emerged and enthralled with music, film and the technical world for
over 20 years. RECENTLY: For the last ten years my company has been
working with Emotion Studios, an advertisement agency in Sausalito CA.
composing music for clients like Adobe, HP, Nvidia and many more. Furthermore
I was managing and maintaining all aspects of their network, phone systems
and multimedia.

I currently own and run 30 plus free music theory websites.
circleoffifths.co, diatonicharmony.com, musictheorybooks.com to name a few).
that I teach music theory at.

Here is a article about my music theory efforts from musical-u.com
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